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The Story of 2 Bots

Art by hebronppg

You ever wonder when we are going to see the robots or androids walking down the street, communicating and interacting with people on daily basis? You ever wonder how the future in the near ten years will change with more nano technologies and scientific discoveries been made every day all over the world?

The story of 2 Bots is a long-run experience and result of me as a kid who grew without cable TV or internet in small mining town, who was entertaining himself by Azimov, Harrison, and Jules Verne imagining about spaceships, and super cool adventures... Every adventure in space is super cool, wouldn't you agree?

This project is a product of my passion and love for the Sci-Fi books and movies. Every time there is a new movie in movie theater that involves robots, or near future, I am going to be there. 

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